Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Humans vs Zombies Loadout and Blasters!

Hey guys and gals Snake here.  Since the other HvZ article I wrote, I've been getting a lot of requests to see what I use at HvZ events.  Here's the full shot of everything all packed up:

Everything you need to eradicate any Zombie threat!
Starting from the top we have my Secret Shot I, Eagle Industries Mini Chest Rig, and White-out series maverick.  Next is my first line gear all mounted on an ATS Tactical War Belt.  Finally we get to my Special edition red Nerf Recon, which has been customized.

Typically I play in HvZ's that are one day events, or have set playing times throughout the day.  When playing I am always wearing my first line gear on the War Belt.  Here's a pic of the War Belt with everything displayed:

Starting from the left, in the M16 pouch I keep 2, 5-Hour Energy Drinks and 2, 6 shot magazines.  The 5-Hour Energy works well for me, and you never know when you'll need a boost to keep running.  In the Green GP pouch I keep my flashlight, hand sanitizer (Killing zombies are unsanitary and gross!), my boo-boo kit, Cliff bars, and most importantly the Doodle Roll.

The Doodle Roll Activity Kit is 15' of paper, crayons and the case, which has an awesome easy tear notch.  I ran into the Doodle Roll folks at a few fairs, cool product, cooler people!  Quick shout out to my boy at Doodle Roll, you know who you are :) I use this super rad product to leave messages for teammates, sketching maps, and, if the horde is slow, to alleviate boredom.  This is a must have in the field!  Check them out at!

The canteen is necessary to stay hydrated!  Finally, the dump pouch is used to carry my sidearm, extra ammo I find on the ground, and empty magazines.

Found at Flying Tigers II Army/Navy Surplus

The Mini Chest Rig is compact and simply holds a total of 5, 6 shot magazines.  I can also stuff my keys, wallet, and phone in the Velcro bib pocket.  It attaches easy and comes off easy.  When doing a mission to save survivors, I always can use the extra ammo this rig provides.

My "Little Friends"
Finally we come to the blasters.  My primary is a Special edition Red Nerf Recon and 35 round drum magazine, completely customized.  It features a first-generation plunger tube (so it will not break), air restrictors removed, deadspace removed, and a new spring custom made by a moderator at Nerf Revolution.  It hits huge range and puts aftermarket kits to shame.  Tutorial to come soon on how to make this baby for yourself!

The White Out Series Nerf Maverick features air restrictors removed as well being able to open all the way to make reloading easier.  Lastly, my Secret Shot I; this beauty has been converted to have CPVC barrels to be able to shoot all ammo.  The secret barrel on the bottom is still completely functional and works like a charm.

Hope everyone enjoyed seeing how I roll at HvZ!  If you have any comment or questions leave them here or email me at ttagschicago at  I'll have some more pics and a video of me with the gear up soon!