Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nerf Hailfire Revealed!

Hey guys, Snake here!

At Toy Fair 2012, Vas and I saw the sizzle video from Nerf that featured the new N-Strike Elite Line, including the HAILFIRE.  At the time, we were unable to take pictures or video of it, but apparently that has changed.  Today Nerf posted the sizzle video to youtube.  Here's the link!  Enjoy!

The folks over at Neo Creations  sketched up a sample of what the Hailfire looks like given the stills taken from the video!  Check them out!

Still taken from the video of the Hailfire

Sketch courtesy of Neo Creations


  1. I'm glad you guys liked my drawing enough to use it. Makes me happy to see something of mine making it's rounds on some of the more popular sites.
    I myself am pretty excited for the hailfire. I think it's gonna be rockin.

    1. I saw the sizzle video at Toy Fair and your drawing is simply amazing! I eagerly look forward to being able to see it soon enough!