Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fresh From Toy Fair: Westminster Toys!

Hey guys and gals, Snake here!  Today we have a real treat.  At Toy Fair 2012 in New York, I was lucky enough to get to meet the people at Westminster Toys.  Westminster is a distributor of novelty toys, plush animals, and so much more.  They were kind enough to give me samples of Basket Case and their best selling Electronic Sound Bites!

The Original Basket Case, headband hoop game and Electronic Sound bite
First up let's talk about The Original Basket Case.  Basket Case comes with the headband, the basket, the stilts to hold up the basket, and 20 balls (10 white and 10 red).  Assembly is a breeze, and the headband attaches with Velcro to perfectly fit anyone's head.  The best part is the novelty aspect.  How many times have you called, or been called crazy, aka, a basket case?  Being able to surprise someone with such a gift will get priceless reactions and memories to last forever!  The game itself is pretty fun, you can try to make the shots, or in the video later, have someone shoot to make the baskets. 

With a little practice, you too can become a pro!
Before we move on...How many times have you been out and about wondering, "Why can't my life have sound effects like on TV?"  Well thanks to Electronic Sound Bites, you can!  Hands down this was the coolest, most unique thing I saw at Toy Fair.  Many similar devices boast a few sounds.  Electronic Sound Bites has 20 different sounds.  From sirens, drumrolls, and soap opera dramas, to whistles, farts and applause, this toy can do it all.  Before writing this review I used it all the time, much to my fiancee's amusement and more often, chagrin.

Electronic Sound Bites gives your life the soundtrack it needs!
As a special bonus, here is the video demoing both the Original basket Case as well as the Electronic Sound Bites!  Big thanks to everyone at Westminster!

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