Friday, March 9, 2012

New Airzone Blasters - Including Undermounted Arrow Shooter!

Hey guys and gals, Snake here.  During my weekly roundup of new stuff around in stores I came across some new Airzone brand blasters at my local Toys R Us.  Total we've got 4 new blasters that feature a new technology...DUAL SHOOTERS!  The Dual shooters line all shoot two types of ammo - darts and either discs or arrows.  Here are the overall pictures:

AirZone A2 XShot Dual Dart and Disc Shooter
AirZone A2 XShot Dual Ammo Blast (6 dart shooter)

Both of these blasters feature dart and disc shooters.  The pistol sized shooter retails for $6.99USD, while the larger blaster retails for $17.99USD.   The wow factor comes in the way of being able to simultaneously shoot the disc and the dart.  Both parts of the blaster are connected, and cannot be separated.  The simple factor of having a 2-in-1 blaster  is the major selling point.  I would use the dart blaster portion as a primary, and use the discs as a back-up, in case I do not have time to reload. 

Now for the piece I picked up to review:

AirZone 8 Dart Blaster Combo Pack
Wow! It's the back of the box!

The AirZone 8 Dart Blaster Combo Pack retails for $19.99USD and features a bunch of tactical rail accessories.  The blaster is the same model as the AirZone Humans vs Zombie Dart Blaster, which features an 8-shot rotating turret.  The turret rotates on the prime as opposed to rotating on the trigger pull.  It also feels like heavy duty plastic, and works better than the HvZ Dart Blaster.  The main feature of this product lies in the accessories.

Blaster with the Scope and Arrow Shooter attached

In addition to the blaster you get an 8-dart ammo holder, a 2-lens scope, and...drumroll please...the undermounted arrow shooter.  All accessories attach via tactical rail and WILL WORK with Nerf's tactical rail system.  Securing the accessories works by sliding them over the rail and they snap into place.  These attachments are very secure to do not "wobble" like some others.  The scope does look cool, but provides no magnification.  The Ammo holder works very well to hold an additional 8 rounds. 

The undermounted arrow shooter has finally given me (and many others), what I've been wanting for years.  It's a modular attachable secondary, similar to a real-life masterkey shotgun, or undermounted grenade launcher.  The arrow shooter works extremely well and has range the same as the blaster.  In our wars, ammo larger than a dart can break through shields and blaster-blocks.  So having large ammo at the ready is an amazing advantage!  Even having a backup shot of something, that can be attached to any blaster is a huge advantage. 

Without further ado, here's the firing video:

Overall I would totally recommend this product to anyone.  The blaster many not be anything super special, but the undermounted arrow shooter is well worth the price.  This is the first time that a blaster has a modular accessory that can function as a blaster!  Truly unique and well done!

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