Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nerf Pinpoint Sight (Red Dot Sight) Coming Back!

Hey guys and gals, Snake here.  Over on SG Nerf, a reader of his found the pinpoint sight, which is a fancy name for a true red dot sight.  It appears that Nerf will be re-releasing the pinpoint sight again.  The Red Dot Sight has been the most sought after accessory Nerf has ever made.  At the moment, the only way to get these are for insane prices on eBay and Amazon.  Hands down, it's the one I use all the time. Here's a pic:

Taken by XCon at the SGNerf Forums

I'm heading out in a bit to see if anything like this has struck at any toy stores stateside!  Updates to come later today!  Here's on more of the box:

It really does fit all blasters and truly work!

So the deal in Singapore, where SGNerf and XCon are from, if you spend $40 you can get a Pinpoint sight for free!  Check it out:

Courtesy of SGNerf
I'll post updates when I do my weekly toy reconnaissance run!  Stay tuned!


  1. So. Is this just a Singapore exclusive then or will it be released in the USA as well?

    1. Given the graffiti style packaging, I'd say it's totally new. At Toy Fair this year, Nerf used the same style packaging on the newer accessories. They also focused more on making stuff look cooler. I'd say give it some time and they'll resurface.