Monday, February 27, 2012

Marshmallow Shooters Galore!

Hey guys and gals, today I've got some more Toy Fair 2012 swag to show off and review!  Both are from the Marshmallow Fun Company.  Both of these blasters shoot marshmallows, which are fun and safe for all!

Marshmallows, the new weapon to stop the Zombie Horde!

First up let's go over the marshmallow blaster.  The blaster is a breech-loading, air tank powered blaster.  To use, you need to first open the breech and load a large marshmallow.  Then, pump it 10-15 times; in the video below I pump it a total of 15 times.  Then point in the direction you want to shoot and pull the trigger.  The blaster has a bit of recoil, but wow does it have range.  In the video the marshmallow lands on the far side of my pool, which is over 50 feet away!  Without further ado here's the video:

Now for the double shooter...WOW is my first reaction.  It's a true shotgun action shooter.  No other company on the market has the functionality of a shotgun spread style with every shot.  In humans vs. zombie games, this is the go to blaster when you need to put down a horde fast!  The shooter is manual powered and with each pump you unload anywhere from 2-5 marshmallows.  I've found the harder you pump, the more you shoot.  In the video below you'll be able to see the spread of the marshmallows and the range.  The majority of the marshmallows fell just short of swimming in the pool.

Overall both are very solidly made and amazing to use.  The Blaster is very accurate and has good range, but only has one shot.  Reloading is not much of a problem and can be done while running.   The shotgun (Double Shooter) can handle itself with range and spray potential.  However, the reload time is absolutely killer.  Having to individually load around 15 marshmallows in each tube, then snap the tubes back into the double shooter could get you tagged.  Barring someone covering your reload or having a safe place to reload, the shotgun is more of a "panic shooter" that can get you out of a big jam.

As requested, here is the video with how far the marshmallows flew:

Ready to show the horde who's really in charge with these launchers!

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