Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, it finally happened. We've been using roughly the same darts for every war since June (give or take an infusion of new stuff here or there, +Lou's stash of uberness) and after the latest war there've been losses. Not gonna lie, my bucket used to be full after every war.

This time, it's empty.

So, what needs to happen? As I see it, a couple of things if we're going to keep the stock-ammo series going (which I find a lot of fun in its own right)

1) We didn't sweep much for darts between rounds; considering how far out we ended up going this resulted in a lot of ammo sitting around and possibly walking away.

2) I am pretty sure I have a bit in my pouches/drums/whatever. So I'll be checking my stuff and adding as necessary back into my bucket.

3) Attrition - darts get munched/stepped/crunched and are rendered unusable.

To build the community bucket back up, that just means we need donations. Of unused streamlines from the modding community, or $$$ to go out and buy more packs. Possibly, if you come to an epicnerf event bring a bag or two to donate to our stash! The initial stash came from this box

which can be safely assumed is now done. Such is life, you know? And the nature of our hobby leads to the loss and destruction of our foamy projectiles. All the same, we really enjoy getting together to nerf, and having a communal stash to use war after war is great and easy. Just because we're providing the ammo doesn't mean we don't need help! So if you come and play, please consider bringing some ammo to throw into our now-depleted pile for everyone to use, please.

Some other thoughts regard melee, and some other general guidelines for coming to play with us, but that's a post for another day. If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas, feel free to share either in the comments section or fire an email to: contact.epicnerf@gmail.com. Thanks!


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